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Five Myths About Rainwater Tanks Debunked For Australian Farmers

Rainwater tanks have become indispensable tools for Australian farmers, offering sustainable, cost-effective water supply options for various agricultural needs. However, misconceptions about these vital pieces of equipment still persist, often leading to misinformed decisions. Here are five of the most common myths about rainwater tanks debunked, to ensure you get the most from your farm's water management system. Myth 1: Rainwater Tanks Are Too Expensive It's easy to look at the initial cost of a rainwater tank and be taken aback. Read More 

4 Solid Reasons to Invest in a High-Quality Hydraulic Hitch for Your Tractor

Tractors are considered workhorses of modern farming operations. Their primary function is to pull a wide range of attachments. One of the most popular attachments you'll need for your tractor is a hydraulic hitch which allows faster swapping of different essential attachments to the tractor. As such, it promotes more convenience when using your tractor. Many other advantages make the hydraulic hitch a worthwhile investment on your farm. Read on to learn about some of them below. Read More 

What to Look for in Your Stock Feed

Feeding your animals is a daily chore. How you feed them is going to depend on their purpose. Many animals are raised for food production. In this case, the stock feed you give them needs to be good enough. Here are some of the important things you need to know when looking for stock feed.  Types Many farmers use a fodder (mix of grains or ingredients used to make feed). What is in this fodder is dependent on where it is grown and for what purpose. Read More 

Mowing And Towing: Choosing Rode On Mower Accessories For Maintaining Ornamental Lawns

A ride on mower is a tremendous labour saving device, and can take a lot of hard work out of the business of maintaining a beautiful ornamental lawn. However, these machines are useful for far more than simply keeping your grass trimmed. With a range of towable attachments and accessories available for purchase and hire, your mower can be used to fulfil a variety of functions to keep your grass green and healthy year round. Read More 

Common Pressure Problems with Your Hot Water Tank and Their Solutions

A hot water tank will supply your home and with proper functioning and maintenance, it will last for years. However, in the course of their service life, a hot water tank can pick up some problems that may interfere with its functionality. One of the major issues is water pressure. Issues with water pressure can be inconveniencing, especially when you turn on your hot shower and there's not enough water coming out. Read More